Advanced Systems Supportability Engineering Technologies & Tools

ASSETT, Inc. is a small business with deeply rooted engineering expertise, analytical abilities, and ethical business and personal conduct. We bring a streamlined, disciplined engineering approach to problem resolution that ensures low risk, low cost, and minimum time to deployment.

Our employees are the heart of the company bringing experience, dedication, and knowledge in three major market sectors:

  • Government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • The private sector, with customers such as IBM and NOKIA
  • Academia, both as instructors and as providers of a hands-on laboratory where students and faculty can expand their technical and business knowledge during free semesters

In the government sector, we support the DoD's need to maintain its technological advantage and provide low-cost systems that can be developed, produced, and maintained within the prescribed budget structure. Our work has resulted in as much as 4:1 savings in cost, and 2:1 reduction in time-to-deployment.

For government agencies, ASSETT's work on complex systems extends from submarine combat systems (AN/BQQ-5, AN/BQQ-6, AN/BSY-1, AN/BSY-2, Virginia C3I) - an area where many of our employees have over 30 years' experience - to surface ships (CVN-77 and Littoral Combat Ship [LCS]) to aircraft (Merlin Helicopter and JSF).

In the private sector, intense competition drives the need to be first to market and lowest in cost in order to remain a market leader. On numerous projects, ASSETT has demonstrated the ability to reduce time-to-deployment and cost by leveraging technologies and tailoring system engineering practices.

In the academic sphere, we provide training courses to help companies and DoD agencies develop their internal resources.

In each of these domains, the ASSETT team works to define standards, promote commonality, and ensure re-use of applications and IT infrastructures in an effort to minimize cost and ensure supportability across the life cycle.

Because we work across multiple market sectors, ASSETT has the unique ability to integrate technology, engineering practices, and lessons learned across multiple environments, bringing the "best-of-breed" to our customers.

How We Work with Our Clients
ASSETT performs research and development through a series of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts. We are a prime contractor to the Navy under the SeaPort II Enhanced effort. In addition, we are engaged with multiple industries bringing technologies and innovation (e.g., tools, techniques, etc) for maintaining and expanding their market.

We are committed to working as part of our customer's team providing concepts, ideas, and hands-on engineering skills to perform key tasks including design and development, generating required deliverables, and producing comprehensive solutions.