Advanced Systems Supportability Engineering Technologies & Tools

ASSETT, Inc. is a versatile engineering firm that helps clients succeed with complex projects - whether for defense, business or government goals.

We provide a powerful blend of capability and agility:

  • Senior talent leads every engagement - Our leadership team has decades of experience performing groundbreaking work for industry and defense…from patent-level innovations to end-to-end program management.
  • Our small-business structure simplifies the process - Our streamlined structure allows us to deliver high responsiveness to our clients…and accelerates results.

Multiple contracts ensure an uncomplicated, rapid startup for DoD and government projects.

Integrated Knowledge in Three Domains.  We work to help clients solve difficult challenges - combining a direct approach with diverse experience:

  • Commercial expertise - Fast time-to-market, efficiency, leading technology, and commitment to common standards
  • DoD experience - Understanding of complex systems, background in large-program requirements, and emphasis on speed/portability/multiple capabilities
  • Academic knowledge - Innovations for process improvements, laboratory research and development, and guidance for OSD policy

Find out more about our work in three domains.

Innovative Company, Long Legacy
ASSETT was founded in 2001 by engineers and program managers with each person having over 30 years of experience providing advanced system design and lifecycle support for Department of Defense and commercial clients - their expertise ranges from developing patent-level innovations to managing large projects.

We offer end-to-end engineering and management support from our office in Manassas, Virginia. In addition, we provide services that help organizations develop their internal resources - and allow us to keep at the forefront of the industry.

Our executive team has directed critical programs for the Navy and commercial industry. We're known for combining leading-edge capabilities with solid principles such as honesty, discipline, and long-term dependability...and we're honored to see clients return, project after project.

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