Advanced Systems Supportability Engineering Technologies & Tools

ASSETT, Inc. provides industry-experienced instructors on site to deliver a wide variety of systems engineering and program management training. Students benefit from instructors’ extensive expertise and lessons learned from complex design, development, integration, production and support programs that include:

  • Military systems, including submarine combat systems • Non-military systems, including air traffic control
  • Commercial systems, including IBM internal Information Technology
  • Financial Management Systems (FMS), including NAVSEA’s FMS
  • Academia, including the Stevens Institute of Technology

In addition to teaching collegiate-level courses through Steven Institute, our instructors offer similar non-degree classes through ASSETT to ensure high-quality, yet cost-effective training for industry and government.

Training Philosophy

ASSETT focuses on maximizing performance and minimizing Total Ownership Cost (TOC) for our customers by directly linking systems engineering processes with life cycle supportability. This proven philosophy is the core concept that drives both our industry services and our academic course development and instruction.

Our engineering team provides the essential “outside” perspective professionals are seeking for systems engineering and program management training.

ASSETT Course Offerings

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