ASSETT, Inc. combines the agility of a small company with the leadership of specialists who have been breaking new ground since the 70’s.

Each of our projects benefit from the perspective of senior engineers and program managers who have directed programs for Lockheed Martin and IBM…while our lean, results-focused process keeps projects moving ahead.

Our blend of rapid response and expertise gives you the advantage:
  • We provide the fast time-to-market typical of a small company…while bringing you the confidence of industry-leading experience.
  • Clients receive a combination of commercial, academic and DoD expertise.
  • Our customers routinely remark how the combination of our responsiveness, cost, and results provide significant value as compared with other contractors.
  • Requirements Generation
  • Safety Critical Certifications
  • Traceability and Verification
  • Specification Development
Intelligent Power
  • Critical Battery Management Systems
  • Safe Operation of Higher-Risk Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Intelligent Power Distribution of Next-Generation Forward Operating Bases
  • Intelligent Micro Grids for Austere Environments
  • Advanced Energy Storage Systems
Systems Engineering
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment and Integration
  • Safety Engineering by Design
  • Risk Profiling
  • Cyber Data Integrity
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Performance Metrics Tracking
  • Machine-Assisted Decision Support (HCC)
Human-Machine Teaming
  • Automated Attack Centers
  • Combat Systems of the Future
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Adaptive Training Systems
  • Software Decision-Support Agents
  • Software Decision-Learning Agents

ASSETT has created an innovative Enhanced Velocity Sensing Sonar (EVSS) that provides both bottom lock and water lock capabilities, with a unique ability to be positioned to provide simultaneous down looking and forward looking.

We used SBIR research to transition advanced technologies (e.g. parametric sonar, encoded waveforms, and short transmissions) into a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) that enables precision navigation in a GPS denied environment. While inertial navigation systems provide vehicle positional information, they exhibit drift over time and require a separate source of data to correct for that drift. A highly accurate DVL can provide that
correction or can be used as an independent navigational device for determining the position of the vehicle.

Our single mode design with a concurrent dual waveform parametric transmission prioritizes different parameters depending on the depth. Our new light weight design is less complex and consumes less power than existing systems while operating in depths greater than 1OOOm. In addition, our design and associated packaging takes advantage of modem technology to reduce standby power, weight and volume.

Developed for Naval Special Warfare undersea vehicles, ASSETT has continued to improve this product. Our second-generation product has the following capabilities:

• Parametric sonar – difference beams provides bottom lock at deeper ocean depths (3X)

• Encoded waveforms – Significantly more accurate velocity measurements (10X)

• Short duration transmissions – improved platform endurance through lower average power (40% lesspower required)

This innovative solution can be incorporated into all underwater vehicles both manned and unmanned.

ASSETT, Inc. helps clients achieve enhanced versatility that answers today’s challenges…for example, delivering higher functionality with lower power requirements.

Our specialists combine the strengths of three functional areas:

Commercial – We emphasize speed and real-world, open-standard solutions…with decades of success producing exceptional value from COTS technology

DoD – We understand DoD’s mission – powerful, interoperable systems that provide greater portability, versatility and agility – while achieving global integration

Academic – ASSETT stays close to emerging technologies – lab-testing solutions, developing process innovations, connecting with associations and staying up-to-date on OSD policy.

ASSETT, Inc. provides industry-experienced instructors on site to deliver a wide variety of systems engineering and program management training. Students benefit from instructors’ extensive expertise and lessons learned from complex design, development, integration, production and support programs that include:

  • Military systems, including submarine combat systems • Non-military systems, including air traffic control
  • Commercial systems, including IBM internal Information Technology
  • Financial Management Systems (FMS), including NAVSEA’s FMS
  • Academia, including the Stevens Institute of Technology

In addition to teaching collegiate-level courses through Steven Institute, our instructors offer similar non-degree classes through ASSETT to ensure high-quality, yet cost-effective training for industry and government.

Training Philosophy

ASSETT focuses on maximizing performance and minimizing Total Ownership Cost (TOC) for our customers by directly linking systems engineering processes with life cycle supportability. This proven philosophy is the core concept that drives both our industry services and our academic course development and instruction.

Our engineering team provides the essential “outside” perspective professionals are seeking for systems engineering and program management training.

ASSETT Course Offerings


System Architecture, Engineering and Design

With integrated commercial, Department of Defense, and academic expertise, ASSETT infuses all three areas with greater capabilities.

We bring high value to every program, across the development lifecycle…from initial concept through testing, implementation and upgrades. See examples of projects for clients from General Dynamics to IBM.

Below is a sampling of our services:

Information Technology

E-Information Technology Systems Engineering

  • Requirements Generation
  • COTS Integration
  • Concept of Operations ( CONOPS )
  • Technology Insertion and Refreshment Analysis Services
    • Open Architecture (OA)
    • Open Software Architecture (OSA)
    • Both government and commercial Off-The-Shelf technologies (GOTS & COTS)
    • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Mechanical Interfaces
    • Modularized Designs, Documentation, Testing and Certifications
    • Spares Methods
    • Maintenance
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Cost/Technology Projection/Architectural/Reliability Modeling
  • (TIPP)

Engineering and Management Support

Technical  Strategies
Fleet Installation and Support
Fleet/Shipyard Scheduling (Commercial or Department of Defense)
Technology Evolution Planning
Proposal Writing
Concept Designs
Requirements Development and Documentation of Requirements
Database  Development
Enterprise  Engineering
Supportability  Concepts
Change  Management
Subcontract  Management  Approaches (Domestic and International)
Audits/Assessments/Independent Reviews
Risk Management
Testing, Documentation, Integration
Develop Integrated Logistics Support Plan
Schedule/ Cost / Resource  Optimization

Cross-Discipline Analysis – (partial list):

  • Risk
  • Cost Benefit
  • Business Process (Audits & Improvement)
  • Operational Assessment

Systems Analysis and Architecture

  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Upgrades
  • Cross-Discipline Analysis

Software and Web Development

  • Authentication
  • Analytic Hierarchical Process
  • Application Development
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • E-Government
  • Global Web Architecture
  • Requirements Generation

Hardware Services

  • Architectural frameworks (Commercial or Department of Defense)
  • Assessments
  • Off-the-Shelf Technology Insertions
  • Maintainability/Reliability/Availability
  • Obsolescence / Performance/ Supportability

Tools and Products

  • Custom Tool Development
  • Systems Engineering Processes
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Signal Processing
  • Acoustic Telemetry Sensor Systems


Systems Engineering Courses
Project Management Courses
Master of Science and PhD programs – Stevens Institute of Technology
Customized Specialty Courses
Training Programs (Development and Delivery)
Technology/Policy Updates